Why You Should Upgrade to an Aftermarket Truck Bumper

Sure, your truck came with its own set of bumpers, but are they good enough? That’s the big question you’ll want to ask yourself if you’re doing more than just driving to work every day. Truck Defender might just have the answer for you. Check out some of the benefits we list below and contact us for more information about how our long-lasting aluminum truck bumpers can help you, no matter where you may be in North America.


Of course, a sturdier bumper is going to offer you and your passengers more protection in the event of an accident. Your truck is initially designed to take the brunt of an accident by easily collapsing, or crumpling, in certain areas known as the crumple zone. This has its advantages, as this allows the truck to take the majority of the impact, rather than your body. But if you’re fortunate, you’ll probably mostly encounter things like fender benders or little bumps and hiccups. In this case, the crumpling can be more of a financial burden than anything else. This can be especially true if you work in areas where you expect to bump into things fairly often, like off-road areas and construction sites. Upgrading to a sturdier aluminum bumper can be the best way to protect your truck from further damage and keep a little extra money in your pocket.


Back to what we were saying about factory bumpers, they’re designed to be weaker so they can more effectively absorb the impact of an automobile collision. They’re not designed to give you an extra helping hand on the worksite. With a stronger, custom aluminum truck bumper, you can more confidently attach and use other features like winches. You can also attach more lights and generally rely on your custom bumper to be a better mounting device than your standard one.


Let’s be real, the front end that your truck came with is...a little boring. But it’s not designed with a coolness factor in mind. It’s designed to be functional. Upgrading can provide you both function and style. Choose from a variety of looks to give you an extra edge of no-nonsense and durability to your pickup’s aesthetic. Trust us, once you go custom, you’ll never go back.

Ready to design your custom truck bumper? Contact Truck Defender and let us know how we can help you improve your vehicle. Then, we’ll ship our product right to your door, wherever you’re located throughout North America.


 Standard Bumper (2 Post I-Beam Upright construction)

 Forman Bumper (2 Post Boxed Upright Construction) ¼" Marine Grade Aluminum – Flexible, has memory...will want to go back to formed shape. Piping – Schedule 40 1 ½ “ and 2"– 6 times the strength of tubing...piping 1800 PSI blow out / tubing 300 PSI. Fully welded boxed mounting system that extends to right and left ears ensuring the strongest mount OEM tow hooks accommodated along with any turbo cooling ducting. Light Weight – Our aluminum fabricated grille guard weighs about 100 to 125 pounds. Easy installation...each bumper is designed to fit a specific model. No drilling required.

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