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The Ultra Flex include an integrated luminous rail light system for enhanced night vision, and a dual action tailgate seal, allowing for easy operation and you to close the tailgate with the cover up or down.



The UnderCover SE boasts all the features of the original Classic cover, but with added style lines and a rear spoiler for today's modern truck owner.


ArmorFlex hard folding cover is designed to protect your truck bed and its contents, while maintaining its strength, style and durability..

ROLL TO OPEN Industrial-strength hook and loop lines the sides of the TruXport, which allows it to seal securely to prevent water intrusion.

NO DRILLING REQUIRED No-drill clamps fasten the tonneau cover rails to your truck bed. Installation can be done in 20-30 minutes with a wrench and socket.

USE YOUR WHOLE BED You can access 100 percent of your truck bed by rolling the cover up to your bulkhead and strapping it in place.

AERODYNAMIC PROFILE The cover mounts on top of your bed rails to provide maximum cargo room and water resistance.

AUTOMATIC TENSION CONTROL An automatic spring tension system ensures that the Truxport looks great and is easy to open no matter how hot or cold it gets.

PADDLE LATCH SYSTEM Latches are located on either side of the bed to make opening and closing the cover easy for anyone


  • Full Bed Access The UnderCover Elite LX cover opens with the aid of hydraulics to give you fast and easy access to your truck bed.

  • Paint to Match The UnderCover Elite LX can be painted to match your truck’s factory paint job.

  • Lockable The UnderCover Elite LX has an integrated locking mechanism on the cover.

  • Weather Resistant The UnderCover Elite LX cover is specifically designed for your truck with a weather tight seal creating the perfect fit to keep the elements out.

  • Included Features The UnderCover Elite LX includes a built-in LED cargo lamp for

  • truck bed lighting, cargo retriever to extend your reach the entire length of the bed

  • for out-of-reach items, and wall mount hardware to store your cover while not in use.

The Elite LX is the latest addition to the painted cover lineup. The LX includes all the features of the Elite, with premium upgrades including a carpet-lined underside, and a flawless paint job that is color-matched exactly to the color of your truck. The Elite LX comes equipped with additional accessories for organization and convenience. The Cargo Retriever tool helps extend your reach the entire length of the bed for out-of-reach items, and conveniently stores away within the cover. A super bright LED lighting system is installed towards the rear of the cover.


The UnderCover Elite LX tonneau cover comes completely assembled and can be quickly installed on your pickup. It can be easily installed with the built-in clamps.  Each product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions. 

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